About | Sour Grapes

A little about the history of the building and our restaurant

The building that Sour Grapes is housed within has a long history. The building was originally built in 1881 as an Oddfellows hall. This was a centre which members of the village paid into and if they fell upon hard times, the hall would give them money – much like an insurance company.

In the early 1930’s the Oddfellows hall was converted into the Regal Cinema, which has very fond memories for many people in the village and especially for the family that runs the current restaurant.

The Regal was then converted into the ‘Little Puppet Theatre’ in 1978, which many families in the village enjoyed as a new and different outing, which was seen as a refreshing change from conventional theatre and the cinema. There was a purpose built miniature stage which the puppet show would take place.

In 1985, the building was taken over by the Cornish Mead Company and they opened the Meadery here. The Meadery served medieval food, including chicken in the rough and racks of ribs with chips. After many years the popularity of this cuisine reduced as other local restaurants served locally sourced produce and more elaborate meals. It remained the Meadery until December 2015.

In January 2016, the restaurant was closed for a month and completely renovated into Sour Grapes restaurant and wine bar, ready for February 2016.

Here at Sour Grapes we are a family run restaurant, which we think creates a unique welcoming and friendly yet sophisticated atmosphere. We have over 30 wines for you to choose from, lager on tap and delicious fresh local food on our set menu and our inventive chef regularly changes the specials board for those who want to try something different.

Functions, Events & Parties

At Sour Grapes, we can cater for large parties, small parties and anything in between.  The restaurant and function room can comfortably cater for 100 people with a DJ set/Music area as well.

We offer the function room free of charge, providing there are more than 20 people attending.

The upstairs function room on its own can hold 60-70 seated & 100 standing and is available to private functions, birthdays, engagements or any kind of occasion you can think of.

The function room has its own private bar which is fully stocked with the same Wines, Spirits and Beers that are available in the main bar and restaurant.

If you are interested in booking this room, please get in touch via our contact page

Please find below a buffet menu for the function room if you don’t want the main menu for your function.

Buffet A @ £7 per person

Cocktail Pasty
Vegetable Bruschetta
Chicken Skewer Chilli Shots
Mini Pizzas
Mozzarella Sticks with BBQ Sauce

Buffet B @ £10 per person

Sweet Chilli Tempura Prawns
Cocktail Pasty
Mini Pizzas
Honey Roast Chicken Drumstick
Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche

A non refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking.